Knotty Jumps Stones

Top performances from Austin J, Seabrook, Hall-Hall, Spotty, Clem and Guido elevated Knotty to the top of the Fantasy League and allowed AHH to close the gap on HTJ on the MVP List.

For the OCD members (you know who you are – and so does everyone else!), I’ve included this week’s scores as an additional table below so you can check the calculations.

FL Week 5 - Full


Points tally for w/e 28th May – Note Sunday match abandoned so no Sunday scores.

Name Points
J Austin 104
Seabrook 70
Hall Hall 60
C Wilson 56
Clements 51
G Wilson 50
Chitty 49
Nesbitt 41
M Cantwell 40
Cook 34
H Mac 31
Martyn 30
J Cantwell 30
R Austin 30
Brown 26
Clarkson 18
Ramesar 15
M Bozier 14
Hounsham 10

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